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Philanthropy often contributes to marginalized communities, aiming to help the less fortunate in their areas of need. Children happen to make up a large majority of these marginalized communities, as they are more susceptible to matters like abuse, lack of education and more. Specifically for abused children, philanthropy can go a long way in improving their quality of life. Discover a few of these impacts below.

Prevents the Recurrence of Abuse

Philanthropy funds organizations that strive to end the recurrence of abuse in children. In many cases, abused children will be removed from their homes, but this doesn’t always prevent them from being abused in the future. Philanthropy goes a long way in making sure that nonprofits have the necessary tools to be able to mitigate these risks and place children in healthy environments with no chance of being abused. This is extremely beneficial for these children, as it will give them a new reality and allow them to see a new trajectory for their futures.

Educates the Public

While these nonprofit organizations strive first to serve children, they also work to educate the public about child abuse and neglect. It might not seem like educating the public will impact abused children directly, but it has actually helped children around the globe. Everyone can do something to stop child abuse, and philanthropy helps these organizations spread this information more widely. By educating the public, individuals can help identify signs that a child may be in an abusive situation and can help prevent further mistreatment.

Gives Resources For Mental Health

Children who have been abused sadly suffer much more than physical abuse. They also go through years of emotional burdens that came as a result of this abuse. It can be difficult to recover from this, especially if they do not have access to helpful resources. Philanthropy supports organizations and provides them with the financial means to offer free resources to children trying to recover from this abuse. It can be hard to move forward without having this type of support provided, making this a beneficial resource.

Philanthropy does so much more than simply fund a nonprofit. It allows these organizations to positively impact abused children and change their futures. Your money makes a difference in the lives of children you’ll never meet, and the impacts of philanthropy on these children should never be underestimated. Even if you don’t personally know the children your money is supporting, you can rest in knowing that it is making a difference.