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Representation matters, especially in the world of philanthropy. There are plenty of rich men that enjoy the privilege and recognition of being house hold names for all the charity work and donations they are able to give, but what about all the women doing amazing work for a better world? There are a number of inspiring women that are out in disadvantaged communities doing important work everyday to make them a better place for the people that live there. We put a handful of these incredible women together to spread the word about the work that they are doing, and the impact they are having to award their causes the exposure they need and acknowledgement they deserve.

1. Leila Janah
This woman is doing more than providing handouts – she is doing all she can to empower the people she serves instead. She founded Samasource in 2008 and helps citizens in Kenya by providing jobs in technology where the employees tag images of elephants and wildebeests, for example, in order for researchers to keep tabs on their populations. It is primarily staffed by citizens of rural Kenya, and because of her work they are able to earn a living wage and gain valuable work experience, too.

2. Lauren Bush
Also founded in 2008, Lauren Bush’s foundation FEED aims to close the gap on food insecurity that millions of children face around the world. After traveling for college and seeing the impact that a lack of food had on school children, she was inspired to do something about it. Her brand, FEED, creates products for the every day person, that they may already be buying, and allows them to make a difference just by purchasing them. They have provided over 100 million meals worldwide since they began and are just getting started.

3. Noella Coursaris Musunka
Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Noella experienced firsthand the hardships families from there go through just to survive. So when she was finally able to give back, she founded Malaika in 2008, a nonprofit organization based in the Congo where she grew up. Her organization runs a school for over 200 young girls in the area so that they can grow up educated and empowered, and bring a brighter future themselves to their people.