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About Maribeth Jezek


In her own right, Maribeth Jezek is a remarkable businesswoman and innovator. She is the personification of the phrase “see a need, fill a need.” Maribeth exudes the confidence of any CEO as the owner of two companies and one patent. Her businesses, Cross Hollow Creek (CHC) Ranch and Chute Targets, LLC, display her tenacity and abilities every day. 

Her famous proprietary chute target patent resulted from a family outing one evening, during which they enjoyed shooting rifles at targets in the manner of typical Texans. When Maribeth saw the stationary target, she had a brilliant idea and built something round to support spherical objects like watermelons. Its “dynamic hanging” structure distinguishes the Chute Target.

Maribeth Jezek is proud to call herself a resident of Austin, Texas. Too humble to refer to herself as an artist, Maribeth has always modestly regarded herself as an amateur. She maintains she is drawn to the world of creativity and art because she needs something to do busy work with her hands, but her friends and family have long recognized her as a gifted individual. The same skill set that makes Maribeth an outstanding negotiator and problem-solver is what she uses to create beauty. Maribeth’s ability to create visually beautiful works of art and works with practical applications is even more impressive. She recently finished the final touches on a six-stall horse barn, as well as a garage and office for her husband.

Maribeth Jezek is also a well-known philanthropist throughout Austin. Among the many causes she supports, she is especially passionate about topics that affect innocent children. The statistics on sex trafficking in Texas, according to the Polaris Project, are grim. With far over 80,000 young adults and adolescents afflicted so far, Texas has the second-highest number of reported cases in the country. Maribeth joined the Austin 20 to battle Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in and around Austin due to the rising statistics. Maribeth works tirelessly with law enforcement, community leaders, other activists, and compassionate individuals to provide needs to victims, including public awareness and education, legislative support for victims and survivors, recovery efforts, mentoring and rehabilitation, and support for other organizations’ work.

When she’s not painting or helping out her community, Maribeth Jezek fills her spare time inventing and indulging in her entrepreneurial side. One of the main things that Maribeth believes in is the phrase “see a need, fill a need.” As the owner of two firms and one patent, Maribeth is a CEO who has an incredible amount of confidence, as is necessary to make it in the business world. Her extensive expertise in the business world is exemplified through the management of her businesses, Cross Hollow Creek (CHC) Ranch, and Chute Targets, LLC. Maribeth got the idea for her famous chute targets on an outing with her family. While firing guns at targets, a typical Texan outing, Maribeth got an idea. While she was observing the targets, her idea led to the construction of a circular support that can help support spherical shooting targets, such as watermelons. With the “Dynamic hanging target” created, the Chute Target was invented.

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